Hello. My name is Chiha. I’m a professional hair stylist from Japan. I originally started my career back in Fukuoka, Japan. Since then I have worked for salons in Japan such as grace for 12 years before I moved to the U.S. I have also worked as a certified colorist instructor with the cosmetic brand Lebel.

After I moved to the U.S., I have worked at the salon Arty in San Francisco and I’m currently working out of Right Angle Hair in Rockridge, Oakland.

Along with specialty haircuts, colors and designs, I also offer Japanese Straight Perms to provide my clients with a diverse range of hairstyles.

I always try to help my clients discover new styles unique to their lifestyle and personality, making it easy to maintain everyday, for as long as possible.

I love my job and feel lucky that it gives me the opportunity to meet with new people. I look forward to serving you.



その後サンフランシスコに移り住み、SF市内の美容室Artyで経験を重ね、現在はオークランド・ロックリッジの美容室「Right Angle Hair」に籍を置き、ヘアースタイリストとして活動しています。美容業はもちろんですが、沢山のお客様との出会い、そしてお客様と長くお付き合い出来る美容師としての仕事が大好きです。日本とアメリカの両国で得た経験をもとに、お客様の生活スタイルや髪の個性を理解し、自然で長持ちし、またご自宅でもお手入れが簡単で、髪が伸びて行く過程も楽しめるスタイルを心掛けています。